EOS Smart Contract Developer

Focused on the EOS blockchain, I offer smart contract development and Scatter implementation.

EOS Proxy

Heavily devoted to the EOSIO software and it's governance, I accept Proxy votes on the EOS main net.

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My work

Previous projects.

Vote Values

Block Producers are crucial to the health of the EOS blockchain with each and every token providing a vote. Votes delegated to me are guided by these values.

Larimer's Vision

Daniel Larimer is the founder and lead developer of EOS and the Delegated Proof of Stake system. With his life dedication to creating free market solutions to secure life, liberty and property for all.


Ensuring Block Producers are distributed across the world to protect against any natural disaters or government intervention.


A healthy and supportive community in Blockchain is everything, Block Producers which contribute back to the public will favoured.


Network stability relies on high connectivity and uptime of it's block producers. CPU, RAM and Bandwidth resources offered will be taken into consideration


One of the biggest threats to the network is collusion amongst Block Producers, Block Producers must be open to 3rd party audits, reasoning for decisions made and their identity.


Block Producers must show passion for growth of the network, BP's who demonstrate traits of greed or fail to uphold the constitution are shunned.

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